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Onboard Excellence On Every Flight

We are a team of dedicated professionals that will ensure your safety, comfort and satisfaction on every flight.

Top Quality Customer Service
Safety & Comfort Focused
Highly Qualified Team

The Cabin Crew at ELITE Inflight Services are a diverse and caring team of highly trained safety and service professionals. We strive to exceed guest expectations by making each and every flight memorable and relaxing.

Years of experience in leadership

The management team at ELITE have decades of experience in aviation, training and people leadership.

"In 2022, during a peak growth period for Flair Airlines, ELITE Inflight Service providedexceptional contractual training delivery support on short notice. We required a targeted infusion of "plug and play" cabin safety facililation professionals to pair with our existing exceptional in-flight instructors. ELITE Inflight Service seamlessly delivered on the mission - pairing with our In-flight Instructors to deliver flight attendant initial training cross-country from Vancouver to Toronto. Commercial or private aviation, I highly recommend contacting ELITE to explore their suite of services."

Nadia Palko Senior Manager, Standards and Training - Flair Airlines

"ELITE Inflight Service has been providing Cabin Crew to Summit Air for over two years. In that time they have hired, trained, scheduled, and managed all the client facing staff onboard our aircraft representing Summit. The ELITE Cabin Crew follow our Standard Operating Procedures and provide safe and professional service. We are proud to partner with ELITE Inflight Service."

Wendy SixsmithFlight Attendant Manager, Summit Air